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Bike generator 12 Volts blender making smoothies

Pedal Power Smoothie

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Pedal Power Bicycle Generators

MNS Power has the power solution for you.
  • Off-the-shelf bicycle roller generator systems
  • Off-the-shelf bicycle belt drive generator systems
  • Hand crank generator systems
  • 1kW to 10kW group generator systems
  • Custom power monitoring software solutions (Your company logo/artwork)
  • Event/trade show systems

“Greetings from the team behind MNS Power! We’re excited about our Pedal Power products and will assist you in buying a turnkey, ready-to-use system, or give you free plans to build your own DIY bicycle generator.”

Looking to get started? Check out our selection of Products, or see our Free Plans if you’re exploring do-it-yourself/build-your-own bicycle generator options. Feel free to Contact us if you require support.