Free DIY Bicycle Generator Plans


DIY Video 1 Pedal Power Generator

Step 1: Installing Generator & Plate

DIY Video 2 Pedal Power Generator

Step 2: Connecting to Blower & Light

DIY Video 3 Pedal Power Generator

Step 3: Installing Charge Controller

DIY Video 4a Pedal Power Generator

Step 4a: Installing Blocking Diode

DIY Video 4b Pedal Power Generator

Step 4b: Installing Blocking Diode

DIY Video 5 Pedal Power Generator

Step 5: Verifying It Works

Someone who works out every day can average a 100 Watts for a one hour period with a peak  output of  200 to 300 watts of power.
 A person who is  not in decent shape can put out around 50 to 100 watts of power.
And finally, someone who is a competitive cycler can put out up to 500 watts!!

(Numbers on image match to items listed below.)





12V Battery Power Pack


Duracell 12V Power Pack ORDER

DC Generator    Video

(This is a permanent magnet DC motor that works as a DC generator)


 Generator Dynamo  ORDER


Item No. Item Cost Instructions Information Purchase
2B Save 50% by making your own generator (Model MY1016 permanent magnet scooter motor also works as a DC generator) $50 Search on eBay for MY1016
Order a 5/16″ inner bore pulley.       See directions in the “CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN PULLEY” section below. $39 Order
3 Adjustable V-belt 80″ Long $119 Video  
5 Aluminum Adapter Plate Video DIY plans
6 Bike Trainer Exercise Stand $99 Video Learn more Order
7 Blocking Diode $89 Video Learn more  
8 Terminal Blocks Thermal Fuse & Wiring Kit for charge controller $79 Video Learn more Order
Optional Parts
4 12V Charge Controller (This is optional because you can use a volt meter just as easily to make sure the voltage at the battery does not exceed 14.8V DC.) $135 Learn more Order
14V Regulator (Allows you to connect an AC inverter or grid tie inverter, or cell phone charger directly to the output of the generator.) $399 Order
WattsVIEW Power Monitor for Windows or Mac computer $330 Order

This pedal power generator stand can be used by small children on small bikes or by adults on full size bikes. See test results info below for benchmarking information. This data was recorded using a WattsVIEW power monitor while charging a 12V Deep Cycle Duracell Battery Powerpack during a one-hour charging session. For more information see the FAQ WEBPAGE. If you want to buy a generator stand you don’t have to put together then take a look HERE.

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Test / Benchmark Results

Volts / Amps

Test / Benchmark Results


Test / Benchmark Results

Calories / Watt-hours / Amp-hours


Dynamo Model ASE-300-DC
Output Voltage Range 0 to 40 Volts DC
Nominal Current Rating 15 Amps
Peak Current Rating 20 Amps
Peak Power Output (Charging 12V Battery) 300 Watts (15V x 20 Amps)
Drive Type 2″ Diameter Pulley
Peak Operating Temperature 100℃
Cooling Method Air-cooled
Shaft Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Mounting Bolt Size 6 mm
Wire Lead Length ~12″
Wire Lead Size Size 12 AWG
Approximate Weight ~8 Lbs
Number of Poles (Brushes) 4
Generator Type This is a DC permanent magnet motorbeing used as a generator.
Peak to Peak Voltage Varies depending on RPMs (See this output waveform)
Voltage Output Vs. RPM Voltage Curve Graph
Rated Operating Speed 2800 RPMs
Internal Resistance ~ 0.35 Ohms
Dynamo PM generator internal resistance bicycle generating for different currents

Dynamo Internal Resistance

Typical Amp-hours During 1 Hour of Use5 to 10 @12VTypical Power During 1 Hour of Use100 Watt Hours (0.1 KWH)

Do-it-yourself Bike Generator Wiring Kit for Charge Controller

If you want to charge 12V batteries or a 12V powerpack, you may want this wiring kit which includes wire, terminal blocks, thermal fuses, and mounting screws as shown in the video. In order for you to use this wire kit, you will need to get a set of wire strippers and wire crimpers.

Wiring kit for charge controller

Click image for full view


Description Cost Amazon PayPal
Digital Multimeter
(Very helpful to have!)
Digital Multimeter $12.73 Order
Wire Crimpers / Cutters Wire Crimpers / Cutters $19.93 Order
Wire Strippers Wire Strippers $12.80 Order
Tire Levers Tire Levers $5.00 Order
Regular style fuse holder for cars. Get a 20-amp or 15-amp fuse from your local auto store. FUSES – You can easily use a regular 20-amp fuse from AutoZone or any other auto store, or you can use a thermal resettable fuse. The video instructions show a thermal fuse being used in Video #3. You can use either option. If you purchase the wiring kit you will receive the resettable fuse for your generator. Bike Generator Fuse $3.51 Order
A thermal fuse gets hot when too much current flows through it and then opens up until you stop pedaling. This is called an overcurrent protection device. After 20 to 200 seconds, depending on how hot the ambient conditions are, the thermal fuse will cool down and the pedal power system will be ready to use again. This fuse should never trip, but if it does, it means there is something wrong with your wiring. Thermal Fuse $19.00  

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You can save money on the dynamo generator by making your own from a model MY1016 electric scooter motor. It may be surprising, but it’s true! A permanent magnet scooter motor works as a generator. You can order one HERE, or go to eBay and do a search for “MY1016″, select “free shipping” and you should find one for under $40.00.

Next you will need to purchase a pulley with a 5/16″ inner bore like the one shown below. You will have to ream out the hole in the pulley with a drill press and a 8mm drill bit. (The shaft of the MY1016 scooter motor is about 8mm).

If you do not want to ream out your own pulley, you can purchase a pulley already done HERE.

You can order your own pulley with a 5/16″ inner bore / 2″ outside diameter size 3L V-belt – P/N 6245k114 from (See drawing below)

5/16" bore pulley, 2" outer diameter

5/16″ bore V-belt pulley, 2″ outer diameter

This pulley is designed to use with a size 3L V-belt with a length of somewhere around 80″ for an adult-sized bicycle rear wheel (26″ diameter). Note that using a fixed-length V-belt is difficult because it can be challenging to create a belt-tightening mechanism to maintain the proper tension in the belt so it does not slip when you reach a power output of 50 watts or more.

This is why some prefer to use an adjustable-length V-belt like the one here. (Adjustable length is good for being able to use both kid and adult bikes on your generator stand.) The DIY video shows you how to adjust the length of the belt.

To use this pulley with the scooter motor as a generator you must:

  1. Remove the nut and gear from the scooter motor.
  2. Measure the shaft of your scooter motor (usually 7mm or 8mm).
  3. Drill out the pulley to meet the size requirement mentioned above.
  4. Grind a flat spot on the shaft of your scooter motor / generator where the set screw from the pulley can rest.
  5. If you are really ambitious, you can take the MY1016 permanent magnet motor apart and drill holes in the sides to allow cool air to enter so it doesn’t get too hot while running at 15 amps output or more. It is very difficult to put it back together because the brushes that touch the armature are spring loaded and get in the way. If you purchase the one from Amazon this has already been done for you.