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Adult / Child  Floating Ball Interactive Energy Display For Science Museums, Events, Promotions, Green Festivals, School Education

This is an excellent educational learning / interactive display for green festivals, science fairs, class renewable energy activities, trade shows, soft drink promotional, kids museums, and science museums, Kids & adults really enjoy creating their own alternative energy while watching their energy converted from electrical to mechanical energy to make a ball float in the air. The power meter shows Volts, Amps, Watts, and Amp Hours. The height of the ball is a strong visual indication of how much power is being generated.   Kids  come back over and over again to see how much power they can put out and how high they can make the floating ball go.  This display can be private labeled with your art work / logos.


floating ball energy power display with watts up power meter perfect for green festival / trade shows / science fair / classroom renewable energy  lab


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