Belt Drive Generator Systems


Human Power Art Exhibit by Shawnee Barton

Human Power Art Exhibit by Shawnee Barton


  • Fits adults bike or kids bike (18″ wheels up to 27″ wheel size).
  • Able to charge 12V batteries
  • Comes with built in blocking diode
  • Alternative energy resource
  • Used for emergency power
  • Prepper bunker power
  • Great for classroom education
  • Fits adult bicycles
  • Drives 12V water pump
  • Drives 12V blender
  • Drives 12V air compressor
  • Charges portable powerpacks
  • Up to 300 Watts of power


  • 3 Way combiner box to combine 3 bicycle generators into 1 output
  • DVD Movie player for kids or adults
  • Clip on fans for your handle bar
  • Duracell powerpack (Stores your energy)
  • Spare generator (Good for a minimum of 2,000 hours)
  • 14V regulator  for feeding energy to lights
  • WPM – WattsVIEW Power Monitor
  • Extra stand for front tire –  makes things much more stable for events.
  • Charge controller suggested for small batteries under 100 Amp hours

300 Watt Bicycle Generator Stand

300 Watt DC Bicycle Generator Stand

The PPG-B300W pedal power generator belt stand which offers the flexibility to be used with either an adult full sized bicycle, or with a small child’s bicycle.   For you riders that can put out over 100 Watts, you will like the belt drive system because you will see up to 40% more efficiency over a roller style generator system.You may take a look at the power output data by clicking on test results graphs shown.

This data was recorded using a WattsVIEW power monitor while charging a 12V Deep cycle Duracell Battery Powerpack during a one hour charging session.You can can get prices and shipping times  by submitting a request for quote HERE,   or you may call 562-522-4407 for help selecting your model



MODEL PPG-B300W Unit of measurement
 Peak Power Output (During 60 second sprint Adult 26″ wheel bike) 300 Watts
Continuous Output Power Rating 200 Watts
 Peak Current Output (During 60 second sprint) 25 Amps
Continuous Maximum Current Rating 20 Amps
Absolute Peak DC Voltage Output using a bicycle with typical 26″ wheels. 0 to 40 V DC
Typical DC Voltage Output Range Adult Rider 26″ Wheels 10 to 17 V DC
Permanant Magnet Generator Style 2-Wire DC Output (This has 4 brushes touching the armature)