Energy Star Light Bulb Power Comparison Displays

Interactive Light Bulb Wattage Comparison Display  Powered by Hand Crank Generator

Energy Star recommends using this type of interactive display when trying to educate the public on why LED or CFL bulbs are better than incandescent bulbs.These systems can be powered by hand crank generator or pedal power bike generator.  Or they can be plugged into a wall outlet.   This display also comes with the option to have a back attached to the box which can have company logo,  and decals as shown on the PECO system.



  • WattsVIEW Power Monitor
  • Portable / Shipping case
  • Combiner box to combine more than one system
  • Laptop Computer
  • Custom software on big screen showing real time Volts, Amps, Watts,  Watt Hours, KWH kiloWatt-Hours,
  • Fan with floating ball


Pedal A Watt hand crank generator interactive system shows difference between light bulbs

Hand Crank Generator Light Display

Human powered hand crank generator interactive light bulb display using hand crank generator

Light Bulb Comparison Display

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