Stationary Bicycle Generator

Spin bike generator

We have selected two popular models of a stationary exercise bike  and designed a bolt on kit that bolts onto the frame.   If your model is different than the ones shown below then feel free to send us a photo of your generator system  to allow us to come up with a mechanical design that will fit your stationary bike.   

The two options for a pedal power bike generator system using a workout stationary bike (AKA spin bike)  generator are : 

  1. A kid friendly  free-wheel style exercise bike-  example shown HERE
  2. A normal full size bike that has a fixed axle drive system  (the pedals are locked in motion with the heavy front fly wheel.    Example HERE

Option 1


  More information about this bike HERE

Option 2 

This adult stationary bike is a standard product from  This option is only for the serious adult rider.   This stationary exercise bike can cause injuries if used at an event by people  who don’t understand the way the pedals behave.  Visit the product page HERE for more information.