Exercise Bike Generator System Demonstration / Setup Training Video


You can set up your own system in just minutes to make your own power!

The Sonny exercise bike generator is very common in gyms and in homes where individuals can find a great cycling experience within a safe indoor environment. Normally when you ride this exercise bike the energy from your body is wasted in the form of heat as you adjust the difficulty knob and it tightens the brake shoes against the sides of the fly wheel.

With the SPG-B300W you can loosen the brake shoes so they don’t touch the flywheel and follow the steps shown in this video to install your own human power generator! This will allow you to harness the power from your workout and store it in a battery powerpack where it can be used later.

This means that while you are watching TV you can plug the TV into the battery powerpack outlet and the TV will be running of the energy from your workout 100%!!

For this to work, you will need to select a flat panel TV or plasma TV that consumes the same amount of energy or less than your body can put out. Well-trained athletes can put out over 200 watts of power. So they can handle a 200-watt flat panel screen. Others can only put out 50 watts during their workouts, so they can power up a 15″ flat panel screen. More information is available here.