How to Remove Your Bicycle Tire and Tube Using Bike Tire Levers

Bicycle tire levers used to remove  the tire from a bicycle   Shop for tire levers

Tire levers are very useful for removing the tire off your bike.  If  it is a super tight fit ,   you will need to use dish washing liquid  as a lubricant.  The dish washing liquid will  need to be applied where the rubber of the tire sits against the metal rim, right where you insert the tire lever.

There are five steps to taking off your bicycle tire and rim: Turn the bike upside down, let the air out, release brake shoes, remove the wheel, and remove the tire. We made this video to help you learn how to use a set of bicycle tire levers to safely remove your tire and tube from your rear wheel.

NOTE: If you are going to try using a screwdriver instead you could easily pop your tube or damage your rear wheel rim. Before you can take your tire off you need to let the pressure out of it. Use a toothpick or end of a nail to push down on the valve stem.