Kid Powered Generator System for Watching TV or Playing Video Games

  • Kids will spend hours exercising instead of just sitting all day while playing video games or watching TV
  • Both exercise bike generators work together to charge a 12V portable battery powerpack that has a built in 110V AC converter (200 Watts continuous power output, 300 Watts Peak).
  • This two person system can provide power continuously to anything you have in your house that is under 200 Watts.
  • Easy instructions on how to set things up. It will take about 1 hour to assemble the bikes and connect to the portable powerpack.
  • Industrial strength exercise bike generator systems Adjustable seat and handle bars make the bike fit for kids or adults from age 8 and upward
Two person exercise bike generator system for kids or adults to power TV  or video game console up to 200 Watts output



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