14VDC Voltage Regulator

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14V DC Regulator

This regulator made by Pedal Power Generator LLC  regulates at  14V.   It accepts an extremely wide input range of Voltage  from 14 to 85 Volts DC.   This  regulator is especially important to have when powering up 12V Devices without damaging them. You can pedal as fast as you want without worrying about generating too much voltage and harming your electronics.

This regulator is especially useful when operating  CFL / LED / Incandescent light bulb comparison displays. Many educators and power companies are using the human powered light display to educate the public on why they should switch over to CFL / LED light bulbs.  This regulator is required for this type of system because it provides a steady 14 Volts to an AC inverter which converts the energy from DC to AC 110V AC   or 220V AC depending on what kind of inverter you want to use for your needs.   This is an industrial grade 14V regulator DC-DC converter with high efficiency and has more current carrying capacity then almost any other device available.