300W Generator Dynamo Permanent Magnet

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  • Belt drive permanent magnet generator dynamo
  • Up to 300 Watts of power  (15V at 20 Amps battery charging)
  • Air cooled ventilation holes to minimize damage from  over heating
  • Ball bearing shaft instead of brass bushing bearings
  • Able to charge 12V batteries through a blocking diode
  • Alternative energy resource
  • Used for emergency power
  • Prepper bunker power
  • Great for classroom education
  • Drives 12V water pump,  12V blender,  12V air compressor
  • Charges portable powerpacks


  • With 14V regulator
  • 3 Way combiner box to combine 3 bicycle generators into 1 output
  • Duracell 12V DC powerpack (Stores your energy)
  • WPM – WattsVIEW Power Monitor
  • Extra stand for front tire –  makes things much more stable for events.
  • Charge controller suggested for small batteries under 100 Amp hours

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300 Watt PM Permanent Magnet Belt Drive Dynamo
Bicycle Generator DC Output Up To 300 Watts

Test Data using WattsVIEW sensorMNS Dynamo Voltage & Current Chart