Educator STEM Packages

Educator S.T.E.M. Packages

Student powered classrom

K through 6th grade students pedal to make 12V DC power to  power things in the classroom while learning about alternative energy.   This system was designed, built, and installed for Green Bronx Machine,  New York  .   One of the things this system powers is the indoor STEM pop bottle rocket


  • Roller style bike generator stand (Regulated DC Output at 14V)
  • Two way light bulb comparison box (12V Volt RV Bulbs)
  • DC Blender –  great for visual effect and making smoothies
  • WattsVIEW Power Monitoring Software
  • NOTE: Laptop and bicycle are not included

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Bike Generator S.T.E.M. Educator Package

The STEM Alternative Energy Basic Package – using three interactive / visually stimulating accessories.

  • WattsVIEW power monitoring software shows real time power measurements from the generator.  (Software can be customized  for your needs for an additional fee).
  • 12V Blender for providing an electrical load so there is something to consume the energy from the generator, and provides an excellent visual effect that grabs the attention of boy and girl students.  Good for making smoothies too!
  • CFL / Incandescent / LED Light bulb comparison box.  The rider feels a HUGE difference when trying to power up an old fasioned incandescant bulb vs. an LED or CFL bulb.   (Note:  These are 12 Volt bulbs that look like normal bulbs sold HERE

The  PPG-R300 pedal power generator roller stand which offers a quick setup time of 5 minutes.   For setup just slide it into the bike generator stand and tighten it up.  This system does not work with kids bike 20″ wheels are too small.   It is recommended that you use a bicycle with the standard sized 26″ wheels that have smooth rubber tires to maximize your power output and minimize noise.
Call  for help selecting your model

If you want to use a kids / child bike with 20 inch wheels or smaller then take a look at the PPG-B300  belt drive generator system.

PPG-R300 Power Output Specifications

MODEL PPG-R300 Unit of measurement
 Peak Power Output (During 60 second sprint) 300 Watts
Continuous Max Output Power Rating 100 Watts
 Peak Current Output (During 60 second sprint) 20 Amps
Continuous Maximum Current Rating 10 Amps
Voltage output range using an adult bicycle with typical 26″ wheels 0 to 40 V DC