Interactive Educational Light Bulb Power Comparison Display Boxes

Energy Star recommends using this type of interactive display when trying to educate the public on why LED  bulbs are so much better for providing lighting than incandescent bulbs.  This kind of teaching approach is extremely effective in conveying a message that just by using efficient light bulbs we can save up to 80% of the energy used for lighting in our homes and at work.   These displays come with a power meter so that the participants can view the actual Watts being consumed by each bulb.    

There are two basic types of lightbulb power comparison displays.  The first type is the kind that will plug into the wall.  The second type is the kind where the person interacting with the display actually generates the electricity themselves using one of the three types of methods: 

  1. Hand crank generator 
  2. Bicycle generator
  3. Exercise bike generator


MODEL: LBCD-110-3-PM   (Plug into the wall outlet style display)

Datasheet specifications pdf file VIDEO
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MODEL: HPG-LBD-75W Hand crank generator with 3 way light bulb comparison box     PRODUCT PAGE HERE

DC Generator Hand Crank Datasheet specifications pdf file video button
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MODEL: LCB-100   Interactive  educational pedal power generator  LED / CFL / INCANDESCENT display  used by the department of energy  at events.  

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MODEL: SPG-300-LBD-75 Exercise Bike Generator  With 3Way Bulb Comparison Display

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MODEL: SPG-HPG-12W-LBD 12 Way light bulb display box for hand crank and exercise bike generator

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Human powered hand crank generator interactive light bulb display using hand crank generator
Light Bulb Comparison Display

You have the option to have a plaque attached to the box which can have company logo, colors, graphics, and / or artwork.


  • Custom color
  • Custom artwork
  • Custom logo
  • Powder coating finish or painted finish
  • WattsVIEW power monitoring software with exciting displays on large screen showing real time power data.
  • Clear plastic cover to protect bulbs from kids
  • Portable / Shipping case
  • Combiner box to combine more than one system
  • Laptop Computer
  • Custom software on big screen showing real time Volts, Amps, Watts,  Watt Hours, KWH kiloWatt-Hours,
  • Fan with floating ball