3 Bulb Interactive Bulb Comparison Display

hand crank light bulb comparison display

Interactive Light Bulb Wattage Comparison Display  Powered by Hand Crank Generator

Educational light bulb comparison display allows people to generate their own electricity to power up incandescent CLF and LED bulbs
Educational light bulb comparison display

DC Hand Generator 50 Watts



  • This light box comparison display box can be powered by either a hand crank generator or a bicycle generator.
  • Excellent display that has a separate Watt meter for each bulb.
  • Easy to transport hand crank and box.
  • Setup takes 5 minutes
  • Electrical enclosure with powder coated finish.
  • Standard is black,  custom colors are available


  • WattsVIEW Power Monitor
  • Portable / Shipping case
  • Combiner box to combine more than one system
  • Laptop Computer
  • Custom software on big screen showing real time Volts, Amps, Watts,  Watt Hours, KWH kiloWatt-Hours,
  • Fan with floating ball
Pedal A Watt hand crank generator interactive system shows difference between light bulbs
Hand Crank Generator Light Display
 People who try this display will walk away with a whole new understanding of why Energy Star compliant light bulbs are so much better than old fashioned incandescent bulbs.   You can actually “feel” a huge difference in your arms between the old style and new style bulbs.   Call us for help selecting your options

Hand Crank Generator by PPG3D on Sketchfab