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This educational interactive display is used around the world to teach youth and adults about what alternative energy is, and what a “Watt” actually feels like.

The hand crank generator allows the participant to feel the huge difference in power consumption between the LED bulb and the incandescent bulb. The LED bulb that comes with the display is only 7 Watts, and the incandescent bulb is 50 Watts. It is very very hard to power up the 50 Watt bulb. Only a very strong person can do it for more than 5 seconds.

There are many hand crank generators available today. However there is nothing like this generator which is built to survive the most stressful mechanical conditions of being installed in a children’s science center museum. It is made of real bicycle cranks, sprocket, and chain. This Windstream HPG (human powered generator) puts out up to 75 Watts of power into a light bulb display box. It is user friendly, portable, and available whenever you have the need for it. The power output is directly proportional to the effort put into it. The Human Power Generator can be a valuable tool in teaching an appreciation of the power we often take for granted. Applications Educational display to teach people about incandescent bulbs and LED bulbs Emergency power generation and 12V battery charging. Charges at between 3-5 amperes. Ideal for powering or charging small devices. Remote or off-grid power for 12-volt water pumps and small appliances. Independent radio or radiotelephone systems; emergency communications. Classroom projects and educational exhibits to demonstrate the physical effort required to generate electrical power.