Stationary Bicycle Generator

Spin bike generator

We have selected two popular models of a stationary exercise bike  and designed a bolt on kit that bolts onto the frame.   If your model is different than the ones shown below then feel free to send us a photo of your generator system  to allow us to come up with a mechanical design that will fit your stationary bike.   

The two options for a pedal power bike generator system using a workout stationary bike (AKA spin bike)  generator are : 


A kid friendly free-wheel style exercise bike that is sized for people from 10 years old to full adult size. Traditional stationary exercise bike generator with fixed sprocket to pedals movement - not safe for kids. This is because the momentum in the fly wheel can drive the pedals and hurt the leg of the person riding the bike. Only a trained adult should use this type of bike.

Stationary Bike Generator
More information about this exercise bike generator HEREMore information about this exercise bike generator is HERE