Adult / Child Exercise Bike Generator

Kids' Spin Bike Generator kit and Fitnex X5
Adult / Child  Spin Bike Generator

The Fitnex FMI-Fitness Masters Inc – X5 Adult or Kids Exercise Bike will help you get in shape, fight childhood obesity and create young athletes. FMI-Fitness Masters Inc. is the only manufacturer in the world to offer these totally new and fun kids stationary bikes, perfect for both boys and girls.
The Fitness X5 Kids Exercise Bike is designed especially for the body sizes of children, teens, & Little People 40″ to 63″. The X5 will rapidly become a standard tool for family fitness and weight management. The X5’s are built with high quality materials for smoothness and long life. Key Features: Made for Home and Commercial use Comfortable user height – 40″ to 63″

FreeWheel – 16.5 lbs. FreeWheels when student stops pedaling, limiting the injury possibility on Non-FreeWheeling bikes *All steel tubes are 14 gauge* *Long life 6003ZZ roller bearings *Aluminum alloy pedals – lasting 2 times longer than similar plastic pedal *Strong sturdy design, offering stable and safe platform *Simple & professional appearance *Colors: Bright Yellow durable paint *Weight: 80 lbs. *Maximum User Weight: 250 lbs. *Warranty: 5 year frame, 6 months on pedals and saddle, 1 year on all other parts, 1 year labor

300 Watt Off Grid Exercise Power Bike Features

  • Training video below shows you how to assemble generator
  • DC output able to charge 12V batteries
  • Comes with built-in blocking diode
  • Alternative energy resource
  • Used for emergency power
  • Prepper bunker power
  • Great for classroom education
  • Able to drive 12V water pump
  • Able to drive 12V blender
  • Able to boil water using a 12V Coffee Pot
  • Able to drive 12V air compressor
  • Charges portable powerpacks
  • Up to 300 watts of power


  • 3-way combiner box to combine 3 bicycle generators into 1 output
  • DVD movie player
  • Power meter for your handlebars to see how many watts you are putting out

  • Duracell PowerPack (Stores your energy) See owners manual HERE

  • Spare generator (Good for a minimum of 2,000 hours)

  • 14V DC-DC voltage regulator for feeding energy directly to an AC inverter

  • WPM – WattsVIEW Power Monitor for your computer or MAC

  • Spare rubber roller

  • Charge controller suggested for small batteries under 40 amp-hours


  • The bike generator connects to the portable powerpack using a 12V Distribution block with fuse shown below for jumper cables to clip on to
  • Duracell owners manual HERE


For permanent install in a city setting it is recommended to use one of the following components: 

    1. Grid tie inverter allows energy to upload to grid such as this one here:  
    2. 12V Regulator to go use with 12V phone charger  $500
    3. 12V deep cycle marine battery with AC inverter and charge controller
    4. Large capacitor with regulator and inverter that better demonstrates to the person on the generator bike power on,  and power turns off again.  Note:  batteries required regular maintenance but capacitors do not.  
    5. Install with blower to cool people down on hot day (No regulator required)
    6. Install with fountain to power a water fountain display (NO regulator required)
  • The Fitnex X5  exercise bike  will require 20 minutes to assemble by the customer. 
  • The generator will require 10 minutes to install using instructions from this video:
  • This system is not good to be left out in full sunlight and rain.   It requires shade
  • Maintenance will need to be performed on the bike generator every week or every 100 hours of use.  The 3 pieces to verify are (1) The bike seat, the pedals,  the generator rubber roller position.  If the seat and pedals wear out then a replacement seat can be acquired from a local bicycle shop.   If the rubber roller wears out, then a spare roller is included with this purchase for you to use.  Additional spare rollers are available for $110.00 each.  
  • The difficulty friction knob is removed to prevent stopping the wheel from spinning if a person tightens down too much.  (See diagram below)
  • The Duracell power pack will be have permanent battery damage if it is left at a state of charge less than 90% for more than a month.  See owners manual HERE.  Every lead acid battery has this risk. 
  • Alternate colors are available for $600 extra  to cover the paint stripping and repainting cost. 
  • To have this system left out in the public where there is risk of tampering or theft there are certain precautions to be taken.   This system requires modifications to permanently fix the  handle bars in position, seat in position, seat post in position, and bike frame to the cement.  These items must be welded or fixed in permanent positions with tamper proof bolts.  See diagram below:


NOTE - If you want a discount then purchase
through Amazon and do a review with photos or video. We will
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 OPTION 2 (Cheaper of the two options- Save $1,000)   
Order only the bolt on generator box from us for $750.00 HERE

Next order the exercise bike directly from the manufacturer
form here:

NOTE - if you want a discount then purchase generator
box through Amazon and do a review with photos or video.
We will give you a $50.00 Refund