Group pedal power stationary exercise bike systems 0.5 to 5KW

7 Person Human Power Generators System With Dual Power Displays (Includes 6 bike generator systems,  1 hand crank system)

7 Person Bike Generator Display, Florence Italy
7 Person Bike Generator Display, Florence Italy

2017 Earth Day with U-Fit Gyms

Exercise Bike Generator
Exercise Bike Generator

Human Power DJ Sound System Booth

Trade show Event display pedal power generators for bicycle event by Global Inheritance

This is a human powered alternative energy DJ sound system booth
Thanks to Global Inheritance for letting us work on this project

20 Person Bike Generator System used by Energy Cycle for fund raisers

Pedal power battery storage system inverter

20 Person power monitoring LabVIEW software
27 Person Group exercise bike generator system

human power bicyclists generating movie film festival

Built for National Geographic   on location in Singapore.[ENLARGE]

12 Person Spin Bike Generator System Made for Toyota

Group exercise bike generator system
Group exercise bike generator system
We offer custom group pedal power systems with power monitoring software for your event.

The power from each rider is fed into a power monitoring  electrical  box which combines the power from each rider and channels it to a 12 Volt battery.   The power is routed through battery charge controller to avoid over charging the batteries.  Users of this system typically store the energy  in battery power packs which convert it from 12 Volts to 110 Volts AC so that it can power up musical equipment, charge cell phones, run blenders for fruit smoothies or drinks,  and many more items.The power monitoring software option allows you to monitor the power from each rider and display the data on a standard – large screen display.

The power output per person riding for a one hour period ranges from 0.05 kWH  to 0.5kWH.   (Children = 0.05 professional athletes = 0.5)    So a 10 person system can give you 0.5kWH to 5kWH.   There is two ways to display the energy from the riders (1) Strict electrical power measurement  (2)  Power from the body which is 4 times the amount of the actual electrical measurement.     This has caused problems in the past because many bike power meters show the rider the energy from their body which is much higher than the actual electrical measurement.

The reason for the wide difference is is that your body must convert potential energy from muscles to drive pedals which drive a sprocket which drives a chain which drives a rear sprocket which drives a tire which turns the generator through a belt or roller, passes through a length of wire to the battery bank or capacitor.   By the time it gets to the battery bank it is  1/4  of what your body spent.


The laptop above shows real time data monitored from the  group pedal power system.  Click on image to make larger.  Persons name or initials, Volts, Amps, Watts, Watt Minutes, Status.  And the total power output is shown at the top.  This software is completely customizable to include ANY type of graphics , color schemes, logos.  Talk to the sales representative for more details. This laptop can easily plug into a large screen display to show everyone how much power is being produced.

  1. Bike generator plugs 1 through 5
  2. Bike generator plugs 6 through 10
  3. Power monitoring USB Plug goes to your laptop
  4. Auxiliary USB cable provides power for Power Sensors
  5. 12V DC Battery charge controller output for battery or power pack with inverter 110V AC
  6. 2nd 12V DC Battery charge controller output for battery or power pack with inverter 110V AC

10 person spin bike generator human power charging system with power monitoring software display