STEM Rocket Bike Generator System
STEM Rocket Bike Generator System

The classroom pedal powered STEM rocket with air compressor system provides amazing teaching tools for concepts in alternative energy.

Take a look at a demonstration at

Indoor STEM Rocket runs on a string


1.Give students a solid understanding of what alternative / sustainable energy is by allowing them to power up different items such as light bulbs, blenders,  television, cell phones, or STEM rocket.

2.Give students a hands an experience where they can “Feel” what generating a WATT of power is like.

3.Integrate lessons of potential energy and kinetic energy  into hands on intriguing classroom activity

4.Give learners opportunities to develop programming skills by implementing code to acquire power monitoring sensor data from devices such as the ARDUINO UNO and others.

Spark interest in engineering solutions that involve solar panel energy and wind turbine energy by letting the students power spot lines that shine on a solar panel that drives a fan.

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