Human Generator Systems

Human Power DC Generator Systems
Human power generator light bulb comparison display


Pedal Power and Hand Crank combination energy display with LED incandescent light bulb box
Bike Stand Generator
Human Power Art Exhibit by Shawnee Barton
Human Power Crank Generator
Permanent magnet DC generator hand crank foot crank emergency backup power
Educational Light Bulb Displays
hand crank light bulb comparison display
Exercise Bike Generators
Spin Bike DC Generator Stationary Exercise Bike - With Built in regulator
Educational Classroom Systems


Student powered classrom

 Pedal Powered Gaming Console System
Two person generator system for powering gaming console or TV
Permanent Magnet DC Generator
Bike Belt Pedal Power Dynamo

Free DIY Video Plans 
300 Watt PM Permanent Magnet Belt Drive Dynamo

Pedal power battery storage system inverter


24 hour bicycle powered movie festival event, Earth day Singapore for National Geographic Event

Earth Day 27 person bicycle generator system powering 9 deep cycle batteries which power the movie projector and sound system.

human power bicyclists generating movie film festival
Educational Bike Generator Light Bulb display CFL LED Incandescent Bulbs

Pedal Power Bicycle Generator Systems For Public Utility Companies

Public Utility Power Companies use these systems to educate the public

Human Power Art Exhibit by Shawnee Barton

Featuring 300 Watt belt drive pedal power system PPG-B300.  Powering LED light and 12V DC blower fan.

Human Power Art Exhibit by Shawnee Barton
Human Power Art Exhibit by Shawnee Barton

Student powered classrom


Bike Generators S.T.E.M. systems in the classroom – Featured on MSNBC

Students power their class room and watch the energy produced from the bike generators.

  • Students power blenders to make fruit smoothies
  • Students power grow lamps for indoor garden
  • Students store energy to a  battery powerpack storage system
  • Students power an indoor pop bottle STEM rocket that shoots across the room


Story by ABC’s America In The Morning about our Pedal Power Bike Generator System Installed in Prison

ABC News reports on Prison Inmates generating electricity
ABC News reports on Prison Inmates generating electricity

Ready-to-use Bicycle Generators & Do-it-yourself Bicycle Generator Parts, Guides, and Information
  • Off-the-shelf bicycle roller generator systems
  • Off-the-shelf bicycle belt drive generator systems
  • Hand crank generator systems
  • 1kW to 10kW group generator systems
  • Custom power monitoring software solutions (Your company logo/artwork)
  • Event/trade show systems

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