Roller Style Bicycle Generator

Roller Style Bike Generator


  • Setup takes 5 minutes (See video Below)
  • Able to charge 12V batteries
  • Comes with built in blocking diode
  • Built in thermal fuse (Resets after 2 minutes)
  • Alternative energy resource
  • Used for emergency power
  • Prepper bunker power
  • Great for classroom education
  • Fits adult bicycles
  • Drives 12V water pump
  • Drives 12V blender
  • Drives 12V air compressor
  • Charges portable powerpacks
  • Up to 300 Watts of power


  • 3 Way combiner box to combine 3 bicycle generators into 1 output
  • DVD Movie player for kids or adults
  • Clip on fans for your handle bar
  • Duracell powerpack (Stores your energy)
  • Spare generator (Good for a minimum of 2,000 hours)
  • 14V regulator  for feeding energy to lights
  • 12V fan clamps on to handle bar
  • WPM – WattsVIEW Power Monitor
  • Extra stand for front tire –  makes things much more stable for events.
  • Charge controller suggested for small batteries under 100 Amp hours
Bike Generator Roller Style with Duracell PowerPack

Bike Generator Roller Style


MNS Power brings you the PPG-B300 pedal power generator roller stand which offers a quick setup time of 5 minutes.   Note: *  This system does not work with kids bikes.  If you want to have the option of using both adult and kids / childs bike then take a look at the PPG-B300  belt drive generator system.This roller style generator system works best with a bike that has smooth rubber tires to maximize your power output and minimize noise.   (Take a look at tire slicks here)  Call for help selecting your model


PPG-300 Base Model Roller Style Bike Generator Stand. Comes with connector and 6 foot cord with bare wire ends to use as desired PDF owner's manual bike generator
Battery Powerpack  MNS 800W 12V Battery Power Pack With InverterThe 12V Xantrex powerpack is very useful for storing the energy output from your bike generator so that later you may  use that stored energy anywhere and anytime you want to.   It has a built in light, jumper cables, and AC inverter which means it converts 12 Volts to 120 Volts AC to be used with normal appliances and lighting.  It has a 600 Watt peak rating, and a 300 Watt continuous use rating.    The battery takes about 2 to 3 hours to fully charge using one bike generator.
PPG1600 The MNS 1600 Watt 12V power pack is unique in that it has two important features (1)  It can handle 14 to 70 Volts DC voltage to charge  (2) It has a built in combiner circuit so 3 different bike generators can easily plug in at once time.    This is a sturdy power pack with wheels and luggage handle, it has a built in inverter that can puts out a consistent  800 Watts of AC power, and 1600 Watts peak for a few seconds.
 12V Voltage Regulator  This regulator is a rugged designed DC to DC converter with a high efficiency somewhere in the 95% range.  It  takes 0 to 60 Volts DC input and puts out 14 Volts  up to 20 Amps.  It is used to provide power to an AC inverter,  charge batteries & powerpacks,  or run 12V DVD player movies, 12V LED or CFL Lights, 12V blender, 12V water pumps, 12V fans, and more…
CB2-CC  This combiner box will combine the power generated from two bike generators or hand cranks into one output through a battery charge controller.
CB5-CC-WPM  This combiner box will take the output of up to 5 bike generators or hand cranks and combine them into one output to a 12V battery or powerpack.  It has a built in fuses and battery charge controller. It requires a computer with windows operating system.  It’s great for events such as trade shows and green fairs and earth day celebrations.

PDF owner's manual bike generator



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